ATLAS is a series of triptychs made from images found on the Internet between 2015-2019. The triptychs are created using content-based-image-retrieval (CBIR) search engines like Google's search-by-image. The text is sourced from the original context of each image, though many of the captions have become garbled by automated translation. CBIR is one of the fastest growing fields in computer science focused on the development of computer vision, pattern recognition and machine-learning algorithms. While it is usually used to search and identify, this project harnesses the creative potential of computer vision to confuse images and reveal arbitrary correspondences in form.
The Atlas project has also been exhibited in video form, but due to its being restricted by Youtube is not available at the moment for online preview. In the video version of this work, music is borrowed from an arrangement by Hirokazu Tanaka of Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” from The Nutcracker Suite for the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System version of the popular video game Tetris. Originally developed by Alexey Pajitnov in connection with machine learning and AI research conducted in the Soviet Union in the early 1980s, the game’s subsequent publishing and marketing is a checkered history of unauthorized licensing and copying. Generally ranked among the greatest video games of all time, a recent study suggests that the game could have a further therapeutic effect in helping prevent flashbacks after viewing traumatic material.

ATLAS ENTRY #009_18: 1. Your Dream, Moscow, 2. so it happened, 3. My Intestines Small And Large Intestines ATLAS ENTRY #031_18: 1. Abdominoplasty, 2. El Tatio geyser field located within the Andes mountains of Chile, 3. Recipe "Home Bread" ATLAS ENTRY #001_18: 1. If you cannot avoid, enjoy the charm of rain camping 2. This wetland in California is habitat for migrating snow geese 3. Tucuman (Spanish pronunciation: [TUKU'MAN])
ATLAS ENTRY #003_18: 1. treatment of arteriovenous malformations, 2. 578 × 537Great Russian River Serga, 3. weather frost heat rain snow and more ATLAS ENTRY #033_18: 1. fish in malaysia, 2. Let us burn to hell with the whole village: Rostov citizens lucidly explained to their neighbors about the dangers of dumps in green groves, 3. fore locale's only_Mama India!
ATLAS ENTRY #027_18: 1. Pamir-Alay mountains category 5 hike, July 1984, 2. Collection gizzards comma it turns out they are so different, 3. Eksternest | Zomerstraat ATLAS ENTRY #026_19: 1.10 mm Natural Genuine ROSE QUARTZ, 2. 480 S Victoria Ave Oxnard CA, 3. _.jpeg ATLAS ENTRY #016_19: 1. ROYAL CLOTHES, 2. Government Auctions Blog, 3. Hematite pseudomorph after Siderite ATLAS ENTRY # 019_19: 1. Images about hashtag myprecius, 2. Explore hashtagDCBP - Instagram Photos and_sign Videos Download, 3. corps_jaune_jeune_ov
ATLAS ENTRY #005_19: 1. Food in the Seychelles, 2. completed, 3. Mountain Dew Apple cobbler recipe ATLAS ENTRY #006_19: 1.seaweed wig, 2. Broccoli-Fritters, 3.Stars Universe Gif Cool SpaCe Trippy ATLAS ENTRY #002_19: 1. flower soap, 2. chemotherapy, 3. swordfish-steaks ATLAS ENTRY #034_19: 1. Precious Moments Wedding Bridge and Groom Figurine, 2._.JPG, 3. A long weekend – Stitches & Spoonfuls ATLAS ENTRY #009_19: 1.The Eggs Benedict comes highly, 2. SEVEN FRIDAYS in the week, 3. flubber vertical line etsy ATLAS ENTRY #010_19: 1.There are quotes aliens in the Arctics cold waters, 2. Eight Maids a Milking Clipart images, 3. Activists go for weakened mining | Business ATLAS ENTRY #012_18: 1. Latest stories, 2. panties discarded Rogers Park Tags, 3. The right wing of the ranged rover ATLAS ENTRY #037_19: 1. SHIGA KOGEN | G'Day Japan!, 2. HeidiLynne colon Houseboat Trip Day 4 & 5, 3. State Budgetary Educational Institution “School No. 64” ATLAS ENTRY #029_19: 1. The life of a novel, 2. Lymphatic Endothelial Cells Antibody, 3. Sundown Outstation Map - South Australia ATLAS ENTRY #026_18: 1. Rare Deep-Sea Angler Fish Caught on Film, 2. Henry Fuseli 1741-1825 | Tate, 3. Subscribe to the Landslide Blog ATLAS ENTRY #045_19: 1. best Looks - Swimwear, Beach Wear images on Pinterest, 2.Shaktopia colon Shak Rabbits, 3.No media coverage in Balochistancolon3 more dead bodies of abducted Baloch civilians found dumped in Awaran ATLAS ENTRY #015_18: 1. minnesota roads, 2. Chlamydospore, 3. sakura ATLAS ENTRY #004_18: 1.The Complete Cockatiel semicolon Handfeeding cockatiels, 2. More Than Just Dessert - Part 25, 3. Dishwashing liquid AOS customer reviews parenthesis photo attached ATLAS ENTRY #021_18: 1. full mouth rehabilitation colon case report and sign literature review - Dental News, 2. Footwear. As for me, it seems to be woven from ropes. Also it is decorated with raspberry-molded bows, 3. The figure is three dimensional. ATLAS ENTRY #019_18: 1. Originally Posted by Strontium Dog, 2. BASIC BODY STRUCTURE, 3. Oh, you, ugly, oh, you dirty, Unwashed little pig! ATLAS ENTRY #006_18: 1. plastic water pipe burst, the city streets were under water, 6_MCV storms and possible spinup at Carlyles IL - August 8, 2.cauliflowerlikegrowths ATLAS ENTRY #046_18: 1. Superior evolution - the latest technology and style in the presence of the complex, 2. Is the great red spot on Mars caused by the sun? 3. Patient with skin tuberculosis ATLAS ENTRY #013_18: 1. _.jpg, 2. Ornamental Fish Information Service Highlights Forum, 3. Needle Country Masters ATLAS ENTRY #030_18: 1. 12 fun ways to have fun with children, 2. kidney photo colon Cat 2, 3. Animal Lovers - Country Mom ATLAS ENTRY #014_18: 1. lemon taste is very expressive, 2. morphological features of damage to the epiphysis, 3. _.jpg ATLAS ENTRY #002_19: 1. _.JPG, 2. b, 3. _.jpg ATLAS ENTRY #018_18: 1. stock photo colon many heads of mannequins, 2. breakfast of champions: now i am home icing down, 3.sculpture sludge - it can be baked it is recylced ATLAS ENTRY #050_18: 1. Collar-noose colon color, neon green, delivery in Almaty city for free, 2. The story takes on for nasty Robin – a horse will graze this grass, 3. Improving diagnosis of atypical moles ATLAS ENTRY #036_18: 1. Other, 2. Congenital or genetic diseases of the female reproductive system, 3. Emily Starling colon On Breaking in Pointe Shoes ATLAS ENTRY #007_18: 1. ponte belo, 2. washed out water works, 3. travel 01.08.2009 ATLAS ENTRY #017_18: 1. That's where the money goes for the transport fee, 2. Radioactive bacteria cure cancer - April 24, 2013, 3. 29th of November. Events. ATLAS ENTRY #035_18:1. Ruderus: 04.10.13-Cycle Day 3, 2. Yogurt "gentle" with the juice of raspberries and strawberries, 2. Beautiful fingers in condensed milk ATLAS ENTRY #032_18: 1. We give a tale to children, 2. Fleischknödel - Meat Dumplings, 3. Defeat of the temporal and orbital areas by skin cancer ATLAS ENTRY #040_18: 1. The stingrays flying like birds under the sea, 2. Help determine mineral by macrophoto, solid, relatively heavy, 2. Dry skin eczema ATLAS ENTRY #02_18: 1. hygene_rodcut for women health care, 2. Removal of crowns under the cofferdam - Orthopedics - Forum of the Russian Dental Portal, 3. $29 - Vintage Pink Flamingo Figurine ATLAS ENTRY #016_18: 1. toronto 2015, 2. Fitness club Adonis, 2. Installation of flower and refrigerators ATLAS ENTRY # 040_19: 1.cabbage-pack, 2. GhostLooper, 3. Mild-compression-on-the-lid-margin-shows-the-thick-altered-MG-secretion-in-an-apparently ATLAS ENTRY #035_19: 1. Soap Dough Kit – Renascent Bath and Body, 2. photouu1, 2.Pseudomembranous Colitis (C. Diff. Colitis) — Causes and Diagnosis ATLAS ENTRY #038_19: 1. BBC Two - Secrets of our Living Planet, 2.Body hair transplant in Pakistan, 3. Cigarette Lighting Royalty Free Stock Photos ATLAS ENTRY #039_19: 1. Dr. Manaf Taher Agha, Laser and Bio-Dentistry, 2. The Palace Seafood & Dim Sum, 3. Rose Quartz – Ascended Gifts ATLAS ENTRY #043_19: 1. Boots for the girl, comfortable, light, inside, 2. _.jpg, 3. claudia_valdes (@thecloudinater) ATLAS ENTRY # 044_19: 1. IMG_0247, 2. images.jpg, 3. McDonalds Barbie Cowgirl Mattel Happy Meal Toy ATLAS ENTRY #053_19: 1. Listings | The Garage, 2. lost-nebula-comforters, 3. Paddle8 colon Water Series ATLAS ENTRY #025_19: 1.maxresdefault, 2. September 9-15, 3.elf hd wall papers ATLAS ENTRY #017_19: 1. strongyloides rhabditiform, 2. Saved by Ruby Lane Vintage, 3. Unique atlantic city nj ATLAS ENTRY #018_19: 1. best images about Uñas esculturales on Pinterest, 2. Rustenburg Spookasem & Facepainting - Home | Facebook, 2. Missing Teeth or Unerupted Teeth - Denver Area Veterinary ATLAS ENTRY #004_19:1. rainbow_kvichak, 2. ever-seen-a-boat-execute-a-perfect-front-flip, 3. Defeating Drones: How To Build A Thermal Evasion Suit ATLAS ENTRY #008_19: 1. phase-3-2, 2. skin error, 3. Through my lens ATLAS ENTRY #014_19: 1. Mini Dental Implant Bridge - Part II - Mini Dental Implants, 2. Large-Antique-Webb-Art-Glass, 3. Roxette rocks Perth Arena on Valentine's Day ATLAS ENTRY #054_19: 1. Best Poison ivy makeup ideas on Pinterest, 2. Salt_Marsh_Moth-3A, 3. Ragondin Stock Photos & Ragondin Stock Images - Alamy ATLAS ENTRY #047_19: 1.Balloon Monkey Games | Play Monkey and Balloon Games Online, 2. 51 best P O L L I N A T O R S images on Pinterest, 3.Gmolden OpenGL Gallery